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Investing in Ministries and Innovative Leaders
Courageously Doing God's Work in the World.

Partnering in a Spirit-led movement of human flourishing grounded in love, generosity, and belonging.

Strengthening the Church Through a Cycle of Generosity

Wesleyan Impact Partners investors, borrowers, and donors sustain a cycle of generosity that serves the church's mission and grows its impact in the communities it serves.

The cycle of generosity is propelled by impact investing that provides positive returns and funds a lending program that helps churches and nonprofits thrive and by charitable giving that supports ministries, communities, and leaders across the spiritual landscape who are innovating ways that help congregations and communities flourish. Together, we are doing Christ’s loving work, leading our way into a world where all people experience God's love and grace.

As a nonprofit, Wesleyan Impact Partners reinvests all our revenue into the church’s mission, supporting individual churches and nonprofits and sustaining their positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

Impact Investments

Growing the Church's Vital Impact

Through Impact Certificates,* Wesleyan Impact Partners offers investment opportunities to individuals, churches, and agencies who want to invest in the church and grow its vital impact in our communities.

Investors fund loans to churches and nonprofits and support leaders who are reimagining ministry, creatively reaching more people with the Gospel and loving more people well today and in the future.

Working with a network of foundations, agencies, and churches, we use the investment proceeds from Impact Certificates to finance projects aimed at growing ministries, congregations, and leaders across the United States.

More About Impact Certificates

Lending Impact Story

Called to Be the Hands and Feet of Christ

Building Community, Bringing Hope to Neighbors

Funded by a flexible-term loan from Wesleyan Impact Partners, McKendree-Simms-Brookland United Methodist Church in D.C. renovated homes, expanded their affordable housing ministry, and launched a new daycare, providing much needed support and hope to their neighbors, building community.

McKendree feels Wesleyan Impact Partners is a real partner in a circle of mission and giving, where their loan payments are themselves a way of giving back to the church and growing other ministries.

Impact Certificates

Flexible Investments Fund Growing Ministries

Impact Certificates* are available to churches, agencies, and individuals. The minimum investment level is $100.

View Our Offering Circular

Impact Certificates* Effective 06/01/2024

Flexible Demand Impact Certificate
IRA Impact Certificate
Fixed Term Impact Certificate
Rates APY*
1 Year 4.90% 5.01%
2 Year 4.30% 4.39%
3 Year 4.10% 4.18%
4 Year 4.00% 4.07%
5 Year 3.95% 4.02%

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

Learning and Innovation

Igniting Imagination for a Spirit-led Movement

Igniting imagination nurtures a new spiritual ecosystem bringing God’s gifts to people where they are, building new friendships, and empowering all those who are creating new possibilities for themselves, their church, and their communities.

Drawing from the roots of our Wesleyan tradition we invest in congregations, ministries, and spiritual innovators courageously meeting the soul-needs of today and tomorrow.

Ways We Are Igniting Imagination

Locke Innovative Leaders

Investing In Leaders

Wesleyan Impact Partners further invests in the church by emboldening leaders through networks of learning that inspire courage and innovation. The Locke Innovative Leader Award shines a bright light on innovation and entrepreneurship across the Wesleyan ecosystem, raising up the ministries and voices of courageous leaders creatively reaching more people with the Gospel and loving more people well.

More About Locke Leaders