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Flexibility in Financing The Needs of Churches

Wesleyan Impact Partners specializes in providing loans for churches and growing ministries. 

Wesleyan Impact Partners understands the dreams and aspirations of ministries and the special requirements of church finance. We provide churches and nonprofits assistance and flexibility in a number of unique ways:

  • Considering factors that commercial lenders generally do not take into account, such as attendance and giving patterns
  • Offering flexible terms to churches experiencing financial disruptions or missional priorities affecting their ability to pay their loan
  • Providing consulting services to church leadership to help them achieve their financial goals

Loan Inquiry

Flexible Financing

Loan Opportunities That Fit Many Missions

Churches and ministries have a multitude of ways to serve the needs of their communities and make lasting impacts in the lives of those they serve. We provide loan and financing options to our partners to fit their ministries, enabling them to stay focused on their mission.

Refinance – refinancing existing mortgages, as well as consolidating multiple loans into one new loan

New Construction – financing new construction and providing long-term financing in one agreement

Church Expansion – financing the expansion of existing church spaces and consolidating existing long-term loans with new expansion loans into a single loan

Property Purchases and Acquisitions – financing the purchase of land, improvements, existing buildings, or new properties

Renovation – financing for renovation projects and consolidating long-term loans with renovation loans


Impact Story

Partnering to Weather Life's Storms Together

Wesleyan Impact Partners stands with those it serves, especially when situations get tough. Linden-Linthicum UMC reached a critical situation of having only six months of financial resources remaining. We refinanced their loan to offer a lower interest rate and reduced payments, which allowed the church to finish an expansion and increase its ministries.

Partnering also allowed Linden-Linthicum to innovate. Bolstered by a special loan assistance program we created to support churches during the pandemic, they created new ways to engage their community which allowed them to increase their membership during the pandemic.

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