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Impact Notes

Empowering The Church and Enabling New Ministries

Investors with Wesleyan Impact Partners earn returns* safe in the knowledge that their investments awaken possibilities by funding ministries that grow the church and its positive impact in the communities it serves.

Investing with Wesleyan Impact Partners empowers purpose-driven investors, allowing them to directly impact the Wesleyan ecosystem throughout the United States. Investors fund loans to churches and nonprofits and support spiritual entrepreneurs and innovators who are reimagining ministry and discipleship.

Impact Story

Building Her Community and Her Church

Christ calls everyone to the table. Often the table needs to be expanded. That’s what Shirleen Johnston’s mother saw for her home church, Community UMC, in Irwin, Pennsylvania. Inspired by her mother’s vision, Shirleen invested in impact notes because she shares Wesleyan Impact Partners’ mission to help churches be anchors of love and belonging for the communities they serve. 

God now has a greater presence for those served by Community UMC and many other churches. One of the initial sparks was the dream by a single member of what was possible for her church.

Investing in Impact

Investments Fund Loans to Churches and Nonprofits

Wesleyan Impact Partners Notes* offer investment opportunities to individuals, churches, and agencies. All investment options provide flexibility for the investor and financial resources for the churches and nonprofits they help grow and flourish.

Flexible Demand1 allow investors to earn an interest rate with the advantage of no-penalty withdrawals.

Fixed Term have a fixed duration of one, two, three, four or five years. These investments accrue interest daily from the date of issue, and interest is paid semi-annually or at maturity.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)2 allow individuals to earmark funds for retirement savings and enjoy tax advantages. Wesleyan Impact Partners Individual Retirement Account provide investors with investment flexibility as they determine the best asset allocation of their retirement savings.

December 2023 Financial Position (Unaudited)

  Audited Financial Statements for 2022

Start Investing

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Wesleyan Impact Partners Notes Effective 02/01/2024

Flexible Demand
Rates Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
1 Year 4.50% 4.59%
2 Year 4.30% 4.39%
3 Year 4.10% 4.18%
4 Year 4.00% 4.07%
5 Year 3.90% 3.97%

Wesleyan Impact Partners Notes are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) or any other state or federally regulated institution.

Rates are effective 02/01/24. Rates are subject to change. The purchase of Wesleyan Impact Partners securities is subject to risks, which are described in our Offering Circular. This is not an offer to sell securities and not a solicitation to buy securities. Wesleyan Impact Partners securities are available in states where authorized, as detailed in the Offering Circular. The offering is made solely by the Offering Circular.3

1 Flexible Demand Notes are unavailable in Louisiana, and South Carolina.
2 Individual Retirement Account Notes are unavailable in Louisiana, and South Carolina.
3 Past performance is no guarantee of future results.